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Narativ Inc - Storytelling Company




Project Experience: Nov. 2013 - October. 2015, New York City

My Role: Experience Designer, Design Strategist, Narativ Co-trainer

Contribution: Design Strategy, Strategic Planning, Service Design, Storytelling

Client: Twitter Inc, John Jay College, Wells Fargo, City University of New York (CUNY), Open Society Foundation (OSF), Elmezzi Foundation

Collaboration: Blue Lotus Research, Horns & Tails Productions

Team: Narativ NY - Jerome Deroy, Benaifer Bhadha, Terence Mickey, Daisy Millard; Narativ London - Jane Nash

Project Copyright Narativ Inc. All rights reserved.

Re-telling the Story of the Storytelling Company


Utilized design strategy and service design methodologies to build and communicate a clear vision for Narativ Inc - The Listening and Storytelling Company. Also supported training programs for clients such as Twitter Inc, City University of New York (CUNY), Open Society Foundation (OSF) and Elmezzi Foundation. 


Narativ Inc transforms the way people communicate - for the long term - by improving their listening and storytelling capabilities to meet specific business challenges, whether in the areas of employee engagement, sales and marketing, fundraising or leadership development. Founded in 2007, and based in New York and London, Narativ offers trainings and public speaking engagements to organizations worldwide.

Initially hired as a Design Strategy Consultant, I was tasked with creating a road-map for Narativ Inc to meet its medium-term and long-term objectives.


How might we further Narativ’s business objectives and simultaneously develop a sustainable partnership with our client organizations and community?

I started by codifying various components of Narativ’s consulting practice and their interactions with client organizations. Utilizing design-led processes, I also facilitated ideation sessions with the CEO, Co-founder and Program Developers, and integrated different perspectives and insights into one construct. In order to build a sustainable engagement with client organizations, I proposed the idea of an online storytelling platform - developing a ‘train-the-trainer’ model with a set of self facilitation tools. I further created a title and job description for myself, and built a new design team to execute this idea.


  • I collaborated with the Narativ team in New York and London and:  
  • Designed a project chart and fact sheet for potential clients, with details of the training outcomes and price list
  • Designed pre-training assessment and post-training feedback tools, facilitation tools and activity cards for Narativ training programs
  • Created design fundamentals and a visual style specifically for Narativ, and frameworks for the new website and online storytelling platform


Helped the team create and communicate a clear vision for Narativ Inc, which in turn led the company to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and growth, and confidently explore and define future business opportunities.